Dreams & Goats

I dreamt that a friend commissioned me to paint a picture of goats going up the mountainside. So, I did: the mountain was collaged from a painted map of Sussex and Surrey and the goats, very cute Toggenburg goats. When I’d finished, I thought I like these goats- so I gave them Pineapple Goat World. I studied pineapples for a few weeks looking for the ideal one, and I made the pineapple from an old map of castles of Norway. After this, I thought these goats should travel to start with- San Francisco and then London.


At the top or the bottom its the same

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20x24" As the goats make their way up the mountain, they look around for tasty morsels- buttercups & forget me nots. They travel up as through life and when they reach the top- it's the same.


Paintings for sale


Mars Explorer Mission


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