My work is textured, sculptural and vibrant. Please click on the links below to view more works in each collection.

BRAZIL A collection of work inspired by the life of Brazilian actor, tribesman and storyteller Antonio Salvador Bolivar.

HUMMINGBIRDS. Examples of my ongoing fascination with bird wings in mixed media, acrylic and collage.

MARS EXPLORER MISSION. In 2020, the NASA Mars explorer sent back pictures of the surface in black and white. I have created a collection imagining the colours and textures of the surface using acrylic mixed media.

DREAMS AND GOATS I had a dream that an old colleague commissioned me to paint a picture of goats going up the mountainside. That original painting led to a series of adventures for the Toggenburg goats which included San Francisco and Pineapple Goat World.

NEW WORK 2023 On aluminium, canvas and board. New themes & adventures.

NEW WORK 2024 Sculptural, with metal mesh and textures.

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