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Exhibiting at Denbies Winery 2nd-8th November 2020

I am an independent artist who exhibits regularly in Surrey. I create paintings using acrylics and mixed media. My intent is to make highly tactile, joyful artworks.

In the last few years, I have been travelling and finding inspiration from my experiences of different places. I particularly like unusual humourous images that conjure up stories in my imagination.

I am inspired by the natural world and the built environment to create images that must have vivid colours and texture.

In creating my artwork, I employ water, painting mediums, collage and acrylic paint which delivers results that aren’t always predictable. I like to use pure colour with very little use of black, whites or greys and I love to experiment.

I am influenced by the colours of Matisse and Klimt, the symbolism of Miro and have dabbled with pop art. My work is abstract or figurative and I experiment with both styles.

You can contact me at ruestanleyart@gmail.com

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