Rue Stanley Art

I am a mixed media artist inspired by the whimsical and surreal and my themes currently include: birdwings, Mars, Brazil and a series of pictures inspired by a dream of goats. My work is semi-abstract, can tell a story or explores pure colour and textures. My work is vibrant, always textured and has been described as sculptural. I use acrylics, various mediums, glass beads, gold leaf, maps and painted paper collage to create a diverse range of unusual artworks. I am constantly experimenting with new materials and surfaces, my latest work is in acrylic and alcohol ink on aluminium panels coloured gold or silver.

I exhibit locally in Surrey. I am planning to exhibit at Denbies in Dorking and The Horton Arts centre in Epsom. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive my monthly newsletter with information on new projects, exhibitions and artworks.


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Featured Collection: Goats & Dreams

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