Dreams & Goats

I dreamt that a friend commissioned me to paint a picture of goats going up the mountainside. So, I did: the mountain was collaged from a painted map of Sussex and Surrey and the goats, very cute Toggenburg goats. When I’d finished, I thought I like these goats- so I gave them Pineapple Goat World. I studied pineapples for a few weeks looking for the ideal one, and I made the pineapple from an old map of castles of Norway. After this, I thought these goats should travel to start with- San Francisco and then London.


Pineapple Goat world

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30x20" Acrylic, collaged map of Norway and gold tube lining. Look closely and you will see foliage. To dream of goats is to dream of unexpected wealth and pineapples symbolise prosperity and success.


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Mars Explorer Mission


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