Rock pools

A series of paintings inspired by my holiday in Sicily in 2018. All the paintings are very textured. I have used acrylic inks and water to great effect.

Red Rocks 2019. Acrylic, gold leaf & Mixed media. Framed in black 48x48cm £160. Sold July 2020

Blue Rocks 2019. Acrylic, gold leaf & mixed media. 48x48cm. £160. Sold March 2020

Rockpool 2018. Acrylic, mixed media on board. 22×18″ Framed in white £220.00 Sold April 2020

Rockpool 2018.collage,acrylic & mixed media 22×18″. Framed in black £220.00

All pictures are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity. For more information on the artworks and enquiries regarding purchase please contact Rue Stanley.