Open Studio 2022

Here is a selection of Rue’s paintings which are on show now till 24th June 2022. For studio opening times and address: Exhibitions & Contact

Mars Explorer Collection- Escaping to Mars seemed more attractive recently, however I had to do it virtually.

Mars Glacier Concave. Collage, mixed media on board, with paper and glass beads. Exciting in greens and oranges 65x65cm approx.. framed in black. £695

Mars Glacier charted. Collage, mixed media on board. The collage was cut from paper maps and painted. 26”x24” approx. Framed in black. £695

Mars Glacier undiscovered. Collage and mixed media on canvas. With a glow from acrylic interference paints. Unframed 46x60cm approx. £495

Mars in Colour. Mixed media on board. Highly textured with glass beads and acrylic inks. 45x45cm. Framed. £239

The Goat collection.

I dreamt that I was commissioned by a colleague to paint this picture of Goats going up the mountain.

At the top or the bottom it’s the same. Collage with acrylic mixed media on board. Highly textured 26×22” framed in black. £695

Goats on the mountain Collage with mixed media on board 6×8” mounted on black. £40

Hummingbird collection inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi is the process of mending porcelain using gold. After this process the objects become more beautiful and stronger.

Hummingbird Goldwing. Mixed media, collage and acrylic inks on board. 26×22” Framed £495

Hummingbird Kintsugi. Mixed media, acrylics with collage from paper painted by the artist. With gold tube lining on board.45x45cm Framed £239

The Brazil Collection

Ferns and Moths Mixed media, acrylics with collaged moths. With black tube lining on board.65x65cm Framed £495

Anaconda Beach Mixed media, acrylic on canvas board. 13×15” framed in black & gold Price £175

Strange Bird Mixed media, acrylic, collage with painted paper and gold weave on canvas board. 18x 22” framed in black Price £249

Jaguar Lord of the forest in the trees. Gold Acrylic, acetate, mixed media & collage on board. 50×50 cm framed in gold, Price £269

Prints available from £20 framed and unframed