New Paintings 2022

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Here is a selection of my new paintings 2022 available at my Denbies exhibition July 20th-24th 2022.


Golden Circle. a journey with gold leaf and mixed media 60x60cm framed in bronze. £725

San Francisco Dreams of Escape prints from £22

Kintsugi Wing 45x45cm framed in blue hand painted frame £259

Cornucopia. 26×22″ framed in copper/green. Gold leaf and mixed media £750

Sunflower in the wind 14″x 14″ framed. £129

Coming soon Lapiz Wings……

Little Gems Collection10×12 inches of pure joy framed in black. To buy at exhibition prices. Click here

Falling Water. Inspired by a trip to Niagara Falls. Created in acrylic, mixed media, interference paints and glass beads.

Spirit Faces. In response to the amazing masks created by the North American Inuit peoples for their ceremonial events. Acrylic and mixed media.

Anaconda Beach. Inspired by the Brazilian snake god- Anaconda. Created in mixed media and acrylic inks.

Goats Go Global

Pineapple Goat World. The goats deserved a special place. Their world has been created with digital media, collage and mixed media on canvas. 2” deep unframed canvas, ready to hang, mirror finish edge. £349

Sweet Pineapple Goat World. Created with gold acrylic and interference paints, with a collaged map. Framed in a black and bronze painted frame. 24×34” framed £725

San Francisco Dreams. Each goat is travelling with a balloon which illustrates the dreams of the residents of frisco. From holidays, to old age. 43cmx43cm, black frame £249

Goat on the mountainside. A small gem 6×8”. Collage using a map, acrylic and mixed media. Unframed from £25

San Francisco dreams of Escape. More goats, more dreams more ways to escape tech’ city. Prints available from £22

Out of this World

Mars Glacier uncharted. Collage and mixed media on canvas. With a glow from acrylic interference paints. ready to hang 46x60cm approx. £495

Mars Glacier charted. Collage, mixed media on board. The collage was cut from paper maps and painted. 26”x24” approx. Framed in black. £695

Mars Glacier charted embellished print. Printed on 2” deep canvas and embellished with mixed media by the artist Unframed finished mirror edge. 20”x24” £249

Mars Glacier. Small Gem. Collage and mixed media 6×8” framed in black. Available at Sandown Park Contemporary Art Fair. Donated to the Princes Trust.

Mars Glacier Concave. Collage, mixed media on board, with paper and glass beads. Exciting in greens and oranges 65x65cm approx.. framed in black. £695

Mars Glacier Concave embellished print. On canvas. Exciting in greens and oranges 60x60cm. Ready to hang with a mirror finished edge £249

These paintings and more will be exhibited at Denbies from 20th July

Rue will be opening her studio as part of the Surrey Artists Open Studios program.

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