Tree Lichen

Paintings inspired by the tree lichen that appear in a myriad of colours on old trees. When they are magnified many times you can see their delightful colours and interesting shapes. My paintings are made using various techniques including collage and extensive use of mixed media to create abstract art.

My new work Black & Gold was shown for the first time this year at Denbies Winery Dorking on the 20th July till July 26th. This work was inspired by tree lichen I found on a tree over 100 years old at Tyne Cott in Bruges.

I created the work using an old map of Dartmoor collaged over a highly textural base using mixed media on a canvas support.

Black & Gold 60x80cm £695.00 SOLD

1. 2019. Civilisation 24×36″. Mixed media, acrylic, collage. Framed in white. £695. Prints available from £25.

2. 2018 Pop art Tree Lichen, mixed media acrylic& collage. Prints available from £25

3.Golden Tree Lichen 16×20″ (SOLD)

All pictures are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity. For more information on the artworks and enquiries regarding purchase please contact Rue Stanley.