Art is experiment


Floating Saunas in Oslo was inspired by a trip to Oslo Harbour in December where we encountered floating saunas for the first time. We were surprised to see how many people were using them, despite it being rather chilly!

Initially the buildings were drawn using black ink and an acrylic medium over a base of white gesso. The sea and the sauna floating in the harbour have been created in a similar way. The dockside has been crackled and painted with acrylic inks. The canoes and the inside window of the nearest sauna have been collaged. Painted paper collaged flowers adorn the nearest sauna and is used for the swimsuits on the right-hand side.  

The buildings have been painted using acrylic and water to achieve a flowing misty effect. The golden light from the building has been added using gold inks. The light has been accentuated using an acrylic medium.

A variety of techniques have been used- mixed media, collage, acrylic inks and sgraffito to create the final picture.

CIVILISATION 2018. 30×20″

Civilsation 2018. This work was my last tree lichen picture. I was inspired by the similarities between the shapes of UK towns and cities and the shapes made by lichen growing on beech trees.

To assemble the component parts: I cut out lichen shapes from an old UK road atlas. I had drawn out my tree with chalk on a background of black gesso. I arranged my lichen. The next stage was to remove the lichen and draw the tree bark. I did this using sgraffito by painting white gesso over the black and drawing through the wet paint with the end of a brush. when the white gesso was dry I painted the detail of the tree bark and moss using acrylic glazes.

The collage was attached using acrylic medium and edged with black tube lining. The collage was further enhanced with a layer of gloss medium. The tricky part was to remember the outline of the bark whilst gessoing over the black. After a week or so to dry 4 coats of varnish were applied.

Techniques used: sgraffito, collage, acrylic paints and mixed media.