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Did you miss purchasing your picture at the exhibitions? Here is another chance to buy from my Exhibition Shop – email me with your choice and I will ship it to you. Postage and packing UK mainland – £10. Other destinations? Please get in touch for a quote.

Payment by credit card or bank transfer and your picture will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment using a tracked courier service.

Email: Ruestanleyart@gmail.com with your name, address and contact details. Specifying your preferred payment method, contact details and picture choice. I will get back to you with payment and shipping details.

Little Gems Collection28 x 33 cm of pure joy framed in black.

Hummingbird Blue Wing. Inspired by the beauty of a wing created in silver leaf, acrylic mixed media and glass beads. Very tactile. £149 SOLD
Connections. A journey in crackle, gold and bronze which evolved over time. Acrylic, mixed media, glass beads and gold tube lining. £129
Falling Water. Inspired by a trip to Niagara Falls. Created in acrylic, mixed media, interference paints and glass beads. £129
Golden Ferns. Using a Fern from my garden this is a textural feast with acrylic, mixed media and gold ink. Framed in black. 6×8” £45
Spirit Faces. In response to the amazing masks created for ceremonial events. Acrylic and mixed media. £149 SOLD
Spirit Faces Blue. Collage, acrylic, and mixed media. £129
Anaconda Beach. Inspired by the Brazilian snake god- Anaconda. Created in mixed media and acrylic inks. £129
It’s a Small World. Inspired by a small pineapple and some adventurous goats. Created in collage of a map of Reigate, Surrey painted with gold interference paints, acrylic and mixed media. £149 SOLD
Over the Grand Canyon. Mixed media, acrylic, collage and glass beads. £149 SOLD

Goats Go Global

Sweet Pineapple Goat World. Created with gold acrylic and interference paints, with a collaged map. Framed in a black and bronze painted frame. 24×34” framed £725
Sanfrancisco Dreams. Acrylic, collage and iridescent colours. 43x43cm framed in black £239
At the Top or the Bottom, it’s the Same. As the goats go up the mountain, as they make their journey there are tasty morsels on the way.22×26” framed in black £695 SOLD

Mars NASA Explorer Collection

Mars Glacier Concave. Collage, mixed media on board, with paper and glass beads. Exciting in greens and oranges 67x67cm framed in black. £695
Mars in Colour. Acrylic and mixed media on board with glass beads 43×43 cm framed in black. £239

Brazil collection

Hummingbird Gold Wing. Acrylic and mixed media with gold leaf 26×24” rustic frame £495
Jaguar in the Trees Gold. Collage, acrylic, and mixed media framed in black £239 SOLD
Strange Bird. Acrylic, collage and iridescent colours 18×22” framed in black £239
Hummingbird Kintsugi. Collage, acrylic and mixed media framed in black £239
Humming-birdie, Collage, acrylic and mixed media framed in black £239

Next exhibition SURREY ARTISTS OPEN STUDIOS June 2022. If you see anything you want to purchase. Please email: ruestanleyart@gmail.com. I can accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

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