California Deserts

A series of paintings inspired by my Californian road trip in 2018.

Mojave Desert 2019. Acrylic mixed media. 7×9″ mounted black. £25 Sold March 2020

Love in Camoflage 2019. Acrylic mixed media,gold leaf, Framed in black. 10×12″ £95. Sold July 2020

Grand Canyon 2019. Mixed media & acrylic Framed in black.10×12″ £95. Sold July 2020

Dead Celebs Clothes 2019. Mixed media,acrylic & collage 22×18″. Not for sale

Desert Lights 2019 Mixed media & acrylic47x47cm. Framed. £239 Sold March 2020

Red Salamander 2019. Mixed media & acrylic. 7×9″ Framed in black. £45

All pictures are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity. For more information on the artworks and enquiries regarding purchase please contact Rue Stanley.