Escape to Brazil

I had two luxury holidays booked for this year. Although neither were for really exotic destinations, I was really looking forward to them both as an escape from the day to day activity. Now the day to day activities of going out with friends or to an art gallery feel like luxuries. I have managed to do them occasionally, but not as much as I would like.

So, I decided to escape– I was inspired by the story of Antonio Bolivar Salvador from Brazil. Sadly I only knew his story through his obituary in the Economist Magazine.

Antonio Bolivar Salvador Obituarywhen he spoke of the Jaguar, lord of the forest, the embodiment of power strength and violence, he would begin to growl deep in his throat. Antonio’s head would move around warily as if he were on the prowl himself. When he mentioned Anaconda the great snake god his hands would slither, swim and twine round each other, getting faster, until still smiling-he might leap from his chair and fling his snake arms around whoever was listening to him.” Extract: The Economist May 30th 2020

Jaguar Lord of the Forest, Black & Gold
Tribute to Antonio Bolivar Salvador

As a child, I was fascinated by the people of remote places such as Borneo and spent hours in the library reading about them and seeing their pictures. I found a book on Maori myths and legends which was beautifully illustrated and showed people with very defined features and sculptural tattoos. Antonio Bolivar Salvador’s face reminds me of my childhood.

So, I escaped to Brazil in my imagination. I have embellished my paintings with stories of Anaconda and Jaguar Lord of Forest. I researched the butterflies and the birds and included them too.

You too can escape to the place of your choice- the libraries are open, so are the art galleries.

And, you won’t have to isolate when you get back….

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Are you bored, fed up? Fancy a bit of retail therapy?

This is my third week of Shopfest, I am still really missing my usual trips round the art galleries. However, I have now discovered Grayson Perry’s art club on BBC1 on a Monday night. This hour of hilarity is giving me the strength to cut down on my cake consumption and my jeans are returning to their usual state of tightness! Still miss the cups of tea, the gift shop and the trips to the art supply shops to find new things.– hoping the art shops will be opening soon.

If you are a bit fed up this weekend, sit down with a cup of tea etc. (biscuits if you can get them!) and have a look at ShopFest the online arts and crafts fair runs this weekend on Instagram and Facebook selling everything from arts to jewellery and possibly cake!

I will be showing some work for sale and you can get early access from Friday afternoon on my website. I will be featuring artworks for sale every week in May.

Take care, try and have a laugh


EVENT LINKS on Facebook:

17th May: opens Sunday only 7am-11pm

24th May: Opens Sunday only 7am-11pm

INSTAGRAM @shopfestuk

Available now 10×12″ print hand embellished with Gold and black tube lining. £25 inc p&p.
Popart Tree Lichen

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New Works

Dead Celebs Clothes 18”x22” 

Back on the bus, we stopped at the now defunct Route 66 museum. In the carpark was an old boat with a sign on the side- Vintage-Dead Celebs Clothes 1682 street. However, I didn’t go into the shop, but I thought of those clothes and tried to imagine all those dead celebs and what they might have worn and thrown away. I have created their clothes from painted paper, acrylics and acetate. Their clothes loom ghostlike over the carpark. As anyone who has ever been to a carboot sale may concur- “it’s all junk in the end


Mohave Desert 47x47cm framed £239.00 (sold)

In 2018, I went on a road trip around California. We had some early starts
and late nights… For a few days we travelled through the Mojave desert. My painting was inspired by an early morning on the bus as the sun rose over the desert it turned red and gold. The foundation for the painting is an old a street map of the town of Mohave. This provided a framework to explore the natural patterns created by the streets and avenues and the colours were informed by those of the desert. The work was created using acrylics and tar gel and involved pouring a lot of paint and water to get the effects desired.

Both works will be on sale at Denbies from the 16th December. Hand embellished prints are available of Dead Celebs. These can be purchased at the exhibition till Sunday 22nd December 2019

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