Artists statement

I am an independent artist who exhibits regularly in Surrey. I create textural paintings using acrylics and mixed media to produce tactile, joyful artworks.

In the last couple of years, I have been travelling and finding inspiration from my experiences of different places. I particularly like unusual humorous visual images that conjure up stories in my imagination.

As well as man-made structures and materials that inspire vivid colours and patterns. I am also inspired by the natural world. I like to depict images of organic life in magnification, as this often shows the detail of pattern and colour that is missed at a normal scale.

In creating my artwork, I employ water, painting mediums, collage and acrylic paint which delivers results that aren’t always predictable. I like to use pure colour with very little use of black, whites or greys. Constant experimentation with new techniques and materials is essential to my work. 

I am influenced by the colours of Matisse and Klimt, the symbolism of Miro and have dabbled with pop art. My work is abstract or figurative and I experiment with both styles.


Rue Stanley was born in London sometime in the sixties and grew up in Wimbledon, moving to Surrey 28 years ago. After a successful career in information technology, Rue decided to focus on developing her artistic practice and kickstarted her development with an experimental mixed media course at a local art college. In 2018, Rue set up her own experimental art group to expand opportunities for experiment and collaboration. This group met weekly till summer 2019. In 2019, Rue had three exhibitions at Denbies and has three more booked for 2020.

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